Red Cap Timing


Provide timing and data services that are accurate, quick, and transparent.

Timing Consultants

Lucie Adams, Finish Line Maven
Matt Bumgardner, FinishLynx Photo Finish Judge
Bill Corbett, FinishLynx Operator
Kathy Corbett, Timing Chip Logistics
Ron Yuen, Engineer
Tim Wilson, Engineer
Craig Wilson, HyTek MM, RunScore, FinishLynx, IPICO chip timing


Red Cap Timing provides timing and results reporting to support track and field, cross country, and road races

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Contact information

Red Cap Timing (916) 521-8021
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This WebApp is intended to make meet and race results more accessible on the iPhone, iPod, and other iPhone-class devices.

To launch the WebApp in full screen it must first be added to home screen. To do this, follow these steps: To go to the top of the page tap on the black status bar.

Please note: During events, results should be considered preliminary and may be changed if necessary.

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